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What do educational institutions use metadata for?

What are metadata schemas? What do educational institutions use metadata for?

You are probably wondering what these metadata are used for in educational web archives.

In this article we explain why this is done and what advantages they provide, but also the negative side that this can have on the privacy of our data.

This implementation will allow you to:

  • Retrieving information: Metadata allows information to be retrieved and filtered by more varied criteria than document classification and title.

  • Automate processes: Thanks to metadata, you can automate processes such as data capture, mass data analysis, etc.

  • Ensure traceability: Metadata can store information about events such as reading, writing and deleting a document.

All document management programs collect by default a series of metadata, which will depend on the software you use and its configuration.

As you can see, thanks to metadata, you can automate tasks, such as facilitating the analysis of the course of the data from the source, self-documentation… you can classify information according to different search criteria, it helps decision making, increases the ability to retrieve and analyse relevant information and finally, in terms of the web environment, a good application of metadata will help improve search engine positioning.

However, despite all these advantages, metadata also has negative aspects.

For example, care must be taken when publishing documents as different information is filtered out, or we encounter the difficulty of standardising metadata on the web in different domains, but also within the same domain with different types of objects.

Therefore, with Verics and Metacleaner, many of these metadata will be easier to read as they are able to read different types of files, for example: EXIF, IPTC, XMP and ICC, among others. Here is a guide to all the file types in which we detect metadata.

We encourage you to enjoy the free demo of Verics to analyse metadata on web pages, so you can see what kind of data is usually found:

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