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The importance of metadata in educational platforms

¿Por qué son tan importantes los metadatos en plataformas como Moodle o Chamilo? 

In this article we tell you about it!

Of all the novelties that Web 3.0 has brought us, perhaps the most relevant is that of taking education to a higher level that allows us to go beyond the traditional textbook.

This has led to a change in the roles between teacher and student, creating a connectivity and cooperation that allows both parties to integrate into a teaching-learning environment in which both work together in the development of different content.

This great advance has meant that various platforms such as Moodle, Chamilo, Evolcampus or Canvas LMS …. have reached the daily lives of many teachers and students, making a much more dynamic and interactive learning style available to them, which, above all, for many of us during this period of quarantine has been an ally to continue with the rhythm of work in an effective way.

Much of the content generated in these virtual environments is generally due to the presence of metadata, as the metadata of educational resources is concentrated in the database design of the virtual environment application. Allowing, for example, that these can operate the search on the site or retrieve the appropriate resource to a specific need, showing the desired content.

Thanks to this metadata present in educational resources, the development of learning environments can be achieved in a shorter time, which means that it would overcome many of the limitations that the Web may still have.

In the following article we will tell you about the advantages of this type of e-learning platforms in our current framework.

Are you one of those who have an account on one of these educational platforms?

We encourage you to experiment with our online Metacleaner app and analyse the metadata of an image on your platform.

Have you found anything interesting in the metadata? Let us know in the comments!