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Metadata in social networks

We all know that on social networks we expose our most personal information on a daily basis, not only about our social life, but we also share other types of information related to our ideologies and tastes. But do we really know what kind of hidden information is behind our publications?

Metadata can pose a danger to the security of our personal data. Shared images, phone calls, emails, comments, and all kinds of files offer the possibility of disclosing personal data without us realising it.

This can be a big problem that most of us are unaware of, and that is that all this information that we publish "unconsciously" is used by brokers who take advantage of this valuable information to take advantage of users on the network.

Those who also take advantage of all this information are the companies, which, without us even realising it, monitor our every step on the networks to find out our opinions and tastes.

We must be cautious with all the files and information we publish and share on the networks, because without realising it, we are offering much more information about ourselves than we really think we are.

Now, thanks to the new Metacleaner tool, it is possible to clean this metadata from our files, making some of our content on networks much safer when sharing it with our friends.