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Metadata and Geolocation. Location of photos from Windows

Is it possible to know the location of a person from a photo? The answer is YES.

The fact is that any photograph taken in digital format has two main characteristics: a visible part of the image and its corresponding metadata, which is usually hidden..

Metadata is a type of information that is accessible to anyone who can view an image. Therefore, before uploading any photo to Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, it is important that we take into account that we are not only sharing the image in question, but also all the EXIF data associated with it.

So nowadays, it is enough to have a copy of the photograph on your computer and check the file properties to access all the information such as resolution, date or location of the image.

From Windows, it is as easy as clicking on the File Info option on the image, where you can find out all the metadata of the image, including the location, which usually appears as a small map at the end of all the information, and which can be manipulated to find out all the details in a more specific way.

Are we being careful with the images we take or do we risk exposing our personal side? It's time to be aware and take action.

Discover our Metacleaner demo and find all the metadata of your photos!