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Metadata and geolocation. Location of photos from Mac.

While last week we talked about the importance of taking care of the details of a photo focusing on Windows, this week we will talk about how to do it on Mac.

As we said in the previous article, people are often accustomed to sharing our photos with friends or on social networks without knowing the implication and scope that this can have.

Through a photo we can know details such as the date it was taken, the dimensions and resolution of the photo… but it also allows us to know the coordinates that provide the address where the photo was taken.

Thanks to new technologies and the tools available to them, we can know all these details very easily.

With Mac these details can be found in three very simple steps. Just open the photo in preview and then select from the menu, and then select .
This additional information shows you all the metadata included in the photo, from the file properties to the EXIF tags and, yes, the GPS.

But once we have located this metadata, how can we delete it and share our photos safely?

Metacleaner is the new tool that allows you to clean any file, including photos, where you can download the image or file you want free of metadata.

If you haven't tried it yet, don't think twice and share all your information securely!