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In this article we are going to make a comparison of the different e-learning platforms that currently predominate in the educational framework: Moodle and Chamilo.

In the previous article, we talked about the advantages of educational platforms and the strengths they have in common. However, in terms of the differences that mark these educational platforms, it is worth highlighting some of them.

Moodle is characterised by being a system widely used by many universities, and although it is continually incorporating new functionalities to its system, it is still a little difficult to use among different users..

However, the Chamilo platform incorporates functions that improve communication with respect to Moodle, as it has chat services, messaging and work groups that are much easier to use.

On the other hand, this platform does not have so many compatibilities, it is not so easy to find references and experiences in the forums to help you overcome certain problems and the community support is quite small.

The rest of the platforms can be characterised by incorporating videoconferencing systems through different channels, although the limitation in terms of community support is also reduced.

All of them have an open code that allows them to be developed and distributed by different users. They allow the characterisation of educational content by assigning metadata that provide the virtual teaching-learning model, e-Learning, with learning management systems (Learning Management Systems or LMS).

Improving their search and retrieval capabilities, cross-platform sharing, sequencing, etc., but also in achieving more focused learning that contributes to meeting the individual needs of learners.

What did you think of this comparison? Do you use or have you used any of these platforms?

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