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All the information you need on your Verics report


This section shows you a summary of the main information that Verics has analysed about your domain.

In total, it contains four different cards where you can see the total number of leaks found, the total number of documents analysed and all the sub-domains found from the original.

Number of leaks

This section shows you the total number of leaks found that identify individuals:

  • names
  • Surname
  • Personal emails…

Company and original domain

This is the trade name you provide us with in order to be able to analyse the domain, although we also differentiate the legal name.

If we look at the documents it works with, the format they are in and the way they are grouped together, we can get a lot of information from it, as you will see throughout these explanatory articles.

Subdomains found

In this section, you can see how Verics, in addition to providing you with information about the leaks and sensitive data contained in the domains, shows you the number of domains + sub-domains we have found.
This number of sub-domains will depend on the type of company, the number of documents they handle, how they are grouped together and the format they contain.

Documents analysed

Here you can see the total of all the documents that have been analysed both in the domains and in the sub-domains found on the website.
This number will also vary depending on the type of company you are and the type of documents you work with.

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