Detect data leaks on websites

Facilitate cybersecurity and compliance data risk assessment with Verics, AI-powered data leak detection software trained to classify and report data leaks on websites. 


A step ahead of cyber threats

Websites are a valuable repository of data for cyber attackers, commonly hidden in document metadata. This information includes names, usernames, as well as details about software and hardware tools, GPS locations, and so on. Verics scans any website deeply and keeps you informed about data leaks that may represent a cyber threat.

Ready for demanding compliance

Verics provides insightful reports about Personal Identifiable Information (PII) leaks, web servers’ location and Intellectual Property (IP) data. Optimise risk assessment and ensure compliance with new regulations and information security standards.

Websites' guardian

Web crawler


A web crawler analyses millions of data and metadata of documents hosted in non-progressive web environments (ie WordPress CMS)

Domains and subdomains
File-heavy websites
Indexed or not
Capable to read +100 file types

AI-powered data leak detection software


Verics has been trained with deep learning and is able to recognise and classify strategic data risks:

Cyber threats
Data Privacy and Information Security compliance
Intellectual Property data



Verics helps you to prevent data breaches with regular monitoring and reporting:

Data leaks details and access
Data visualisation
Link to data removal
A challenge to boost your health score

We found data leaks everywhere

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