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Everything you need to know about your Verics report


In this last section, we offer you all the information found on the website without grouping and analysing it, with the possibility of downloading it in CSV format.

The table is made up of six columns that provide you with all the information we have analysed about the domains and sub-domains in the analysis. If you wish, you can share this information with your client or keep it to generate your own data history.


The severity shows you the level of risk that exists in the documents according to the information they contain.

With our classification scheme, you can see the level of severity of the data analysed in the different domains of the website and find out what they mean for the GDPR:

  • Filtrations: They suppose a breach of GDPR:
    • Names and surnames of individuals
    • Personal emails
    • DNIs
  • Sensitive: They may represent a breach of the regulation in association with other data:
    • GPS coordinates
    • Addresses
  • Style: They offer information about the software tools that have been used for the creation and/or manipulation of those files:
    • Office tools
    • Photo cameras
    • Printer and photocopier models


In this column, you can see all the information that can be or is vulnerable to identify people, showing the total volume of documents found in the domains.


Here you can see the different sub-domains that Verics has discovered, where the different data and documents analysed are contained.

This allows you to see the extension of the website, as well as how it is organised and what type of files are hosted in each of them.

If you want to know more, you can read our link to:



Here you can see the format of the different documents found on the website.

This column, together with the data column, is very important because it allows a lot of information to be extracted from the company, just by looking at how the data is grouped together or what the files are that make up and work with on the web.

If you want to know more about how to interpret this information, you can read

<articulation of documents>

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