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agrupacion por dominios verics
Everything you need to know about your Verics report


In this section you can see the amount of leaks and the sensitive data that has been found from the domain you have provided us with, and from all the sub-domains that Verics has discovered during the analysis.

In addition, we provide a map that allows you to know the geographical location of the servers used for the website.

Volume of leaks and sensitive data in domains and sub-domains

This graph shows a bar per domain/subdomain, and represents the volume of leaks and sensitive data contained in each of them.

In order to prepare it, we have taken all the data analysed from each of them and established a relationship between the number of:

  • Filtrations: Assume a breach of GDPR:
    • Names and surnames of individuals
    • Personal emails
    • DNI
  • Sensitive Data: May represent a gap in the regulation in association with other data:
    • GPS coordinates
    • Addresses

Distribution of servers

With this map you can see the geolocation of the servers that run the website.

This may mean that certain leaks found in the domains and sub-domains mean that the regulations are not being complied with, depending on the country where they are located

Domain details

In this table, you can see three important elements that summarise the content of the domains on the website:

  • Country: Where the server of the different domains and sub-domains is located.
  • Domain: Unique name assigned to the website on the Internet.
  • Risks: The total number of leaks and sensitive data we have found in the domain

All the information in the table, you can download it in CSV and Excel format


f you look at both graphs, you can see how much risk there is in your domains and sub-domains, and where they are located.

As we have already mentioned, all this data analysed contains a set of information, which, depending on the location of the servers, implies a breach of the Regulations.
If you process data in different countries, it is the authority of the country that has its main establishment.

Generally, among these possible violations are data that identify or can directly identify individuals. Sometimes, companies have the appropriate permissions to make this information public on the network.

For this reason, it is important to examine and protect your company’s data, taking the necessary measures that involve and offer security, controlling the channels of publication of documents, to ensure that data is not published in an uncontrolled way.

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