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In recent years, personal data protection has become one of the most important aspects to be taken into account by companies and professionals who handle this type of information within their business.

Since the entry into force of the RGPD and the Organic Law that develops it, there have been fundamental changes in the way in which data protection was understood until now.

An increasing number of companies dedicated to data protection are assuming that we are facing a sector in constant evolution in which new challenges and problems arise for which effective responses must be designed that do not involve the end client in the fulfilment of unmanageable obligations.

The indispensable presence of companies and professionals on the Internet, in addition to the obvious benefits, means exposure to growing vulnerabilities that involve not only non-compliance with aspects of current regulations, but also, these may involve the commission of infringements and the corresponding imposition of heavy penalties.

For this reason, in order to respond to the growing appearance of needs such as those described above, Suments Data.

At Suments Data we discovered that the data of millions of people is being exposed in the metadata present on the websites of companies and professionals, which is why we are committed to the development of Verics, a unique software capable of analysing websites, detecting leaks, reporting their location and eliminating the information found.


We are a software company specialised in the field of data protection. We have a multidisciplinary team composed of specialists in software development, legal and marketing, being able to provide answers to the different needs and challenges faced by the Data Protection sector.

Its product, VERICS, is the only data protection tool on the market, capable of analysing any website in depth, detecting any leaks it may contain in its files.



The first advantage that this tool offers, is at a legal level, by detecting and eliminating the personal information present in the metadata contained in the web pages of companies and professionals in which personal information is exposed such as names, surnames or IDs among others, compliance with the regulations is guaranteed.

The information mentioned is considered personal data as stated in article 4.1 of the RGPD, since it is information about identified or identifiable natural persons. On the other hand, the presence of such data, even if carried out involuntarily, would imply processing, as described in paragraph 2 of the same article.

For its part, Article 5 of the RGPD includes the principles relating to the processing of personal data, establishing, among others, the principles of lawfulness, loyalty and transparency, which must be present in any processing of personal data.

According to the contents of Article 6 of the RGPD, the presence of personal data such as those analysed here should be preceded, among other circumstances, by the consent of the data subject, a contract, the need to protect the vital interests of the data subject or another natural person.

The violation of the last two articles would imply the commission of very serious infringements, as contemplated in Article 72.1b) of Organic Law 3/2018, on the Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights, and the imposition of sanctions, provided for in Article 83.5 RGPD, which may reach 20,000,000 euros, or in the case of a company, an amount equivalent to up to 4% of its total annual business level of the previous financial year.
Verics reinforces proactive compliance with the obligations of companies dedicated to data protection, avoiding the risk of hypothetical subsidiary responsibilities in the face of sanctions imposed on their clients.


In addition to what has been said regarding the usefulness of VERICS to comply with current regulations, the tool has a very powerful commercial utility.

Since the acquisition of a license allows access to our platform and to order the analysis of any web page to detect data leaks that the data protection company’s clients may have, it also allows the analysis of potential clients’ web sites.

The use of Verics makes a clear distinction between the data protector who uses it and the competition.
The approach to potential customers is more direct if when offering services and rates, in addition, data leaks are shown that your current data protector is overlooking.

Similarly, dispensing with VERICS may mean that it is used by competing undertakings which show the presence of such leaks.

In short, VERICS is the best way to adapt the range of services offered to cover a new risk, hitherto unseen, which also contributes to increasing the volume of customers and turnover.

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