Immersive training to protect organisations against phishing attacks

Detect vulnerabilities and empower users against potential phishing and ransomware attacks.

Full learning experience: simulated attacks, theory training and final assessment.

E-learning platform with a dynamic, intuitive and user-friendly learning environment.

Aware users are the best shield against phishing

There’s a first time for everything, including phishing attacks. Stay ahead of cybercriminals with this effective and impactful training that strengthens the security of users and organisations through an immersive experience. 

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FAQ's - Frequently asked questions about our phishing training

During a period of one year, different attacks will be carried out, spread over time and without prior notice. The campaigns will be on different topics and will be sent by email to the employees of the company contracting the training.

The emails sent will contain a series of clues to identify them as fraudulent, so that, ideally, the company’s employees will recognise and report them.

After the first campaign, a theoretical training will be conducted, in which an analysis of the results will be presented: How many users have opened the emails, how many have taken the bait and clicked on the links, and how many have been fished and provided the login credentials (!).

After that, the rest of the campaigns will serve to keep users alert and assess potential vulnerabilities. 

The training will be supported by at least one internal member of the company (“the insider”). This could be someone from the IT department, ICT, administration… who will be aware of what is going to be done and when.

Phishing campaigns are organised with publicly accessible information, so it is not necessary to have a large amount of data: a first name, a corporate email address and context about the company is enough.

The price and development of the training varies depending on the number of users. Contact us for a customised quote. 

You will receive detailed reports on overall and individual campaign performance. The reports reveal data such as the number of emails sent, emails opened, link clicks, data delivered and emails reported. 

Get reports on the attack and detect vulnerabilities

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