Metawash - Limpieza de metadatos

Clean metadata, protect what matters

Personal data, usernames, email addresses, IDs, GPS locations. Document metadata reveals a lot of information that shouldn’t be exposed. Don’t leak any: eliminate metadata leaks everywhere with Metawash, the ultimate metadata removal software. 

formacion phishing empleados

Protect data from cyber threats

Metadata reveals personal and sensitive information, essential for the cyber kill chain reconnaissance stage. This information is used to target users and companies in phishing and malware attacks.  

Metawash metadata removal tools allow users and cyber  professionals to leave no trace to cyber attackers. 

Metadata cleaner helps to comply GDPR

Information security and compliance

Metawash help users to enhance online privacy and facilitates professionals a real proactive responsibility to meet increasing data privacy regulations and information security standards.


Fast and accurate metadata removal tools

Clean up your files straight away from Google Chrome browser before share them.


Activate real-time cleaning and manage metadata removal with Metawash WordPress plugin.

Free plans

Add and manage multiple domains from the web-app.


Take the most of metawash and make it corporate using the Metawash API.

Pro plans