How to replace files in WordPress

All the details you need on how to replace your new metadata-free files.

For the replacement of files in WordPress, we have two different options depending on whether we want to replace the files one by one, through the media library (if it is only a few) or if we want to replace all the files in one, through an ftp manager (for larger websites):

OPTION 1. Replace files from “Media Library”.

This involves adding the new files created by Metacleaner and then deleting the old ones already on the website.

  • Inside your WordPress, you must go to the section “Media → Library”.
  • Then you have to upload the new file by dragging it into the space provided or select it from the “Select files” button.
  • Once you have uploaded the new file, you can see in the list of items the two files (the one you have uploaded and the old one). Now, by clicking on the old file, click on “Delete permanently” as shown in the following image:

OPCIÓN 2. Sustituir archivos mediante gestor ftp

You can download an ftp plugin of your choice, this is nothing more than an internal application to WordPress that will allow you to manage the files of the website as you would do it in platforms known by all as Dropbox, Google Drive or similar.

  • Next, you have to select “Plugins → Add new” as shown in the following image:
  • In the search box at the top right enter “ftp” as a keyword and then, from all the plugins that appear, install the plugin that you like the most. In the case of the example, we have installed the plugin “WP File Manager” as you can see below:
  • Then you have to go into the plugin you just installed and directly replace the old file folder with the new one. To do this, click inside the folder, delete the old files and drag or paste the new ones.

In the following link you can watch a video explaining how to replace the leaked files with the new and clean ones that Metacleaner has created. Remember that this explanation is only valid for WordPress.

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