Verics – First steps guide

Everything you need to know about your Verics report


You can start using Verics by logging in at

Add company

Adding a company is as simple as clicking the ‘ADD COMPANY’ button on your Dasboard.

Fill in the form and leave the rest to us.

Format of the domains

When you enter the domain, you must take into account a series of considerations so that Verics can correctly analyse the website and avoid errors.

In the following table, we present some examples of the formats that are accepted for the proper conduct of the analysis, and those that are not.


Request report

Once you have added the company, it will appear at the bottom and its status can be:

  • <in queue>: throughout the day the program takes the company and puts it in analysis
  • <analyzing>: the analysis is already being processed

When the analysis is finished, its status changes to ‘view report’, where you can click and see the details of the analysis.

As you can see, inside the card of each company there are five different sections:

  • Company photo
  • Name of the company
  • Domain: URL address of the company that Verics is going to analyse
  • Date of request: Shows when the analysis is requested.
  • Analysis status: Here you can find three different statuses


Once the analysis of the companies has been completed, you can see the report of the companies <see report>

This report is composed of five sections, of which you can get more information in the following links:

  1. Summary of the analysis:
  2. Filtered data:
  3. Domains and Subdomains:
  4. Your details:
  5. Information to download:

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