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What types of metadata do we find on educational platforms?

What types of metadata do we find on educational platforms? What is metadata used for on these platforms?

With the new implementation of measures for covid-19, many students and teachers in the education sector have been forced to move their work and learning space to digital platforms.

But are our private data and that of our children safe on these platforms?

In this article we will talk about what metadata is and what types of metadata we find in relation to these educational websites.

Metadata is readable information, describing the characteristics of the educational resource, which facilitates its management and retrieval.

Metadata has been used for many decades (mainly in libraries) to facilitate the common description of resources. The advent of the www led to the availability of millions of resources, which increased the importance of metadata to facilitate search and retrieval.

This metadata, in turn, can be used for a number of e-learning scenarios. Each of these can address different dimensions in terms of Sampson, Papaioannou, Karadimitriou (2002).

  • Type of educational resources (digital or non-digital).
  • Category of users accessing or able to send educational material.
  • Category of users of the edition or management of educational metadata of educational resources.
  • Metadata standard for education / specifications used to describe educational resources (i.e. ieee lom, Dublin Core, etc.).
  • The technologies used to represent the metadata document (xml, rdf, html, etc.).
  • The software tools used to create the educational metadata document.

Now you know a bit more about metadata types on educational platforms!

In the following article we will tell you what they are used for and the advantages of using metadata schemas in web documents.

What did you think of this article and were you aware of the existence of metadata on these platforms?

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