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Suments Data at the International Congress on Metadata in Mexico (CIM 2022)

On May we had the opportunity to share Suments Data's experience at the International Congress on Metadata 2022 (CIM 2022). Under the theme "Social Metadata: initiatives, technologies, applications and software", this meeting gathered professionals from all over the world to observe the current and future development of social metadata.

Organised by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), the CIM 2022 focused on the role of enriched metadata (or socially constructed metadata) and its transformative role in different institutions and organisations in Mexico, Latin America and the whole world.

Suments Data participated in the International Congress on Metadata with two sessions to share our knowledge and experience on metadata from an academic approach:

· Through the talk "Metadata: privacy and cybersecurity", José Ramón Narejos, journalist and head of communication at Suments Data, presented to the attendees some of Suments' challenges and case studies in this field.

· The workshop "Metadata leaks: how to find and clean them", delivered by Javier Moncayo, CEO of Suments Data, offered attendees an intensive training on metadata, privacy and websites, where they learned how to use Suments' technology for metadata analysis (Verics) as well as software to remove metadata (Metawash).

Suments shares our experience with metadata and Big Data

Socially constructed metadata invites us to study and analyse it taking into account the multiple interpretations by those who use the information resources. In this sense, at Suments Data we put privacy at the centre and use metadata as the raw material of our research, in order to create new opportunities related to compliance and information security in organisations.

The metadata creation is an ongoing process involving creators, publishers, librarians, users, as well as developers and webmasters. Hence, nowadays we are talking about enriched metadata or also referred to as socially constructed metadata. As metadata creation is an ongoing process, the possibilities for creating new metadata are endless.

At Suments we have analysed more than 40,000,000 unique documents as part of the analysis and training of our systems. Through the use of Big Data techniques for correlating this data and obtaining knowledge, our team has developed different research case studies around metadata and privacy that have allowed us to uncover serious information leaks as well as develop new business processes based on Artificial Intelligence models.

At Suments we have identified more than 250,000 different metatags during the development of our metadata analysis and metadata deletion technologies.

0.13% of these metatags have the potential to reveal personal data or sensitive information.

We are very grateful to the #CIM2022 team for giving us the opportunity to participate in this much needed conference on metadata, where we have learned a lot and have been able to share our research and concerns, transferring all this metadata knowledge to the academic and university environment.

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