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Metadata and Geolocation. Location of photos from Android

Have you ever wondered how important it is to accept that your mobile phone takes your current location when taking or downloading photos?

If you have noticed, most of the time when we download a new application on our mobile phone, it asks us to accept a series of conditions, including whether we allow access to our location or our phone's photo gallery. Most of the time, we give our consent to use the desired application without stopping to think about the consequences, and without realising it, we are giving our consent so that other strangers can know our current

From our Android mobile, we have two possibilities to know the metadata of our photos, among them, the geolocation.

Google Photos is an application that comes installed on all Android devices, where just by clicking on the menu button, the location of the photos will be shown on a map indicating the coordinates and the name of the place. In addition, Google Photos goes one step further, and can locate photos in certain places even if you don't have geolocation enabled in your camera app.

Another option is to know the location of the photos from the phone's own gallery, in which the method is usually the same: slide the photo upwards or click on the menu option to show the metadata, including the location.

It's not complicated to know where a photo was taken with a mobile device, is it, but it is important and something we need to be careful about in order to preserve our privacy and security when sharing our most personal side.