Advantages of e-learning solutions today

Discover the impact of digital platforms

What do educational platforms such as Moodle, Chamilo, Evolcampus or Canvas LMS have in common? In this article we tell you about the advantages that these platforms bring to the user.

All of them are part of e-learning solutions, which are ranked, according to the expert study (Almonte, 2020) as the best e-learning LMS platforms.

Among many of the functions they all provide, I would highlight the most important ones:

  • Monitoring and analysis of progress in the student’s work.
  • Gamification, as it makes it possible to create a more flexible and dynamic teaching-learning environment by incorporating game dynamics applied to an objective other than entertainment, thus favouring student motivation.
  • Collaborative learning: As they allow to work together with classmates and teachers, which facilitates the resolution of doubts, practice together…
  • Efficiency in management: It allows the entire learning process to be centralised in a single channel.
  • Personalisation in design and educational materials

But, as we have seen in previous articles, the digitisation of all our academic data can also pose a risk to the protection of personal data, especially in the metadata of the files.

If you don’t know what metadata is, I recommend you to read this article where I explain it. 

We therefore recommend that you check the metadata of your e-learning platform with our free Metacleaner demo.

What are the advantages of educational platforms from your point of view and experience?

We’ll read you in the comments!

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